Grand Cayman Scuba Diving

Only about a three hour flight from Washington, DC, the Grand Cayman Islands have been referred to by some – SPE Dive School included – as a premier SCUBA diving destination. Grand Cayman SCUBA diving offers warm, crystal clear waters with plenty of submerged structures and aquatic wildlife to explore. SPE Dive School doesn’t just offer top notch diver’s education, we offer a complete vacation experience with a focus on SCUBA certification training and underwater exploration – with plenty of time for other vacation experiences factored in.

In operation for over 40 years, we can honestly say that we’re the most experienced SCUBA school in the greater DC metro area. From our location in Chevy Chase, MD, we are centrally located to Washington, DC, northern Virginia, and suburban Maryland. Because we’re so passionate about teaching SCUBA and introducing the world beneath the surface of the water to new and eager students, we regularly plan SCUBA diving excursions to the Grand Cayman Islands for divers of all levels. Even if you’re a beginning SCUBA diver, you can join us on our next Grand Cayman SCUBA diving excursion.

SPE Dive School offers SCUBA training certified by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). PADI is a recognized and respected name in the SCUBA industry and you’ll be able to dive throughout the United States and in most major SCUBA destinations around the world with a PADI certification received through SPE Dive School. The SPE Dive School Grand Cayman SCUBA diving expedition is perfect vacation to create memories that will last a lifetime, bond with friends over an exciting hobby, and meet fellow diving enthusiasts from your own backyard. If you’ve been thinking about getting a diver certification for the first time or if you’re in the market for a unique way to get some refresher training or an advanced certification, then our Grand Cayman SCUBA diving expedition is for you.

The Grand Cayman Islands makes the perfect diving destination for new and beginning divers because the water allows for a comfortable experience for those who are new to SCUBA gear. The water is warm which eliminates the need for a heavy and constricting wetsuit, the water is clear so you can remain oriented and see the boat and other divers at all times, and the currents are calm so you are much less likely to get seasick.

In addition to Grand Cayman SCUBA diving expeditions for the serious hobbyist, SPE Dive School also offers professional certifications for individuals who would like to make a living in the SCUBA industry. We offer advanced SCUBA training in search and recovery diving, underwater photography, emergency first response, adventure diving, and much more.

To learn more about the Grand Cayman SCUBA diving expeditions offered by SPE Dive School, or to browse a list of our complete course offerings, visit us online at

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