How to Get Scuba Certification in Maryland?

There’s an entire world to explore below the surface of the water in the United States and beyond, and letting SPE Dive School help you earn your SCUBA certification in the Washington, DC Area, including Maryland and Arlington, Virginia offers a great chance to see that world up close. SCUBA stands for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, and refers to the breathing system used to survive underwater. Surviving underwater, however, is serious business, which is why SPE Dive School offers the training that beginning and advanced divers need in order to stay safe underwater. Safety is so important within the SCUBA industry that you won’t be able to rent equipment, sign up for dives, or even have air tanks filled without proof of training. If you learn to SCUBA dive at our Maryland SCUBA diving school, you’ll receive a certification that will allow you unfettered access into the world of recreational SCUBA diving.

There are different levels of SCUBA certification at our Maryland dive school. If you sign up with SPE Dive School as a beginner, you can expect the primary focus of your training to be focused on familiarization with SCUBA equipment and learning how to manage yourself and your equipment while underwater. Advanced training will see you going deeper with your diving equipment and learning how to interact more with the environment, like structures and aquatic life. We offer training for three industry recognized certification programs; Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) certification, Scuba Educators International (SEI) certification, and CMAS certification, which is issued by an organization known in English as the World Underwater Federation.

At SPE Dive School, we can teach students as young as 10 years old everything they need to earn a SCUBA certification in the Washington, DC Area. This minimum age requirement makes scuba training accessible to entire families, parents that want to learn to SCUBA dive with their kids, and children / teen groups looking for something fun and new to experience.

To everyone here at SPE Dive School, diver education is a true passion. We’re not a retail shop and we’re not here to sell you a bunch of gear or diving charter experiences – we’re here for one purpose, and that’s to deliver you the best quality diver education that we possibly can while you pursue your SCUBA certification in the Washington, DC Area, including Maryland and Arlington, Virginia. While it isn’t required that you purchase any of our gear, we do sell some diving equipment, but only to students and only at a discounted rate. As the most experienced SCUBA diving school in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, we’ve been helping students learn to SCUBA dive for more than 40 years and we have helped students with absolutely no diving experience earn a SCUBA certification and go on to love diving.

There is very little risk involved with learning how to SCUBA dive under the direction of an experienced SPE Dive School instructor. Whether you want to learn to SCUBA dive at our Maryland SCUBA diving school as a beginner with little to no underwater experience, or as an advanced diver pursuing an industry recognized professional certification, like Rescue Diver, SPE Dive School has a class for you. Contact SPE for information on upcoming classes and to reserve your spot in a class today.