Scuba Courses in Arlington, Va

The term SCUBA is an acronym for the name of the breathing apparatus that divers use to breathe underwater – Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. SCUBA diving makes a great hobby that may easily become a passion. It’s family friendly and is a unique way for friends and families to spend quality time together. SPE Dive School offers SCUBA courses to those living in the Washington, DC Area, including Maryland and Arlington, Virginia who want to become a certified recreational diver. We’re a professional diving school in the Friendship Heights neighborhood of Washington, DC – less than a 30 minute drive from Arlington, Virginia – with over four decades of experience teaching, guiding, and mentoring beginning and advanced divers.

Our Washington, DC area SCUBA courses are divided into two groups – beginners and advanced. The beginner’s course will familiarize you with the various pieces of equipment that you will need in order to breathe comfortably underwater and will focus on teaching you how to manage yourself and your breathing equipment while submerged. You will also learn the basics of maintaining your SCUBA gear and using it safely. Our advanced Washington, DC area SCUBA courses are for divers who are already familiar with the equipment and safety basics of using SCUBA gear underwater and who want to learn more about exploring the environment beneath the water’s surface, like how to interact with wildlife, structures, and other divers.

SPE Dive School is a true diving school, not some retail shop trying hard to sell you more than you need. The only gear that we sell is sold to students at deep discounts, and purchase is not required to attend our Washington, DC area SCUBA courses. Our primary focus is on education, which is why we offer training for three of the most widely recognized SCUBA certification programs in the industry: SCUBA Educators International (SEI) certification, Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) certification, and the World Underwater Federation (known internationally as CMAS) certification.

As already mentioned, SCUBA diving makes an excellent hobby for families and groups of friends to do together. We can teach students as young as 10 years old everything that they need to know to eventually develop into expert divers. SPE Dive School has trained thousands of students over the years and it would be our honor to train you, too. As you might guess, adding SCUBA time to a vacation can make any vacation one to remember. Once you and your family or friends have the requisite training to survive comfortably with a SCUBA system underwater, you can share SCUBA experiences with each other like SCUBA vacations, SCUBA expeditions, and SCUBA charters, which will no doubt create plenty of long lasting memories for everyone who participates.

If you’re an experienced recreational diver who would like to take your passion for SCUBA diving to the next level, consider one of our advanced SCUBA courses which could help you secure a professional career in the SCUBA industry. Courses include Rescue Diver, Divemaster, Search and Recovery Diver, Digital Underwater Photographer, Wreck Diver, Emergency First Response, Underwater Naturalist, and Coral Reef Conservation – just to name a few.

To speak with one of our experienced SCUBA instructors about our offering of SCUBA courses in the Washington, DC Area, including Maryland and Arlington, Virginia – and about earning your basic, advanced, or professional diver certification – please contact SPE Dive School today.