SPE Dive School, LLC is the Most Experienced Diving School in the Washington, DC Metro Area

SPE Dive School, LLC has the most experienced and passionate SCUBA diving school instructors in the Washington, DC Metro Area.

Our Washington, DC Metro Area diving school provides both in depth lecture courses where you learn in a classroom environment, and extensive pool training where your learn in a very hands on environment what it takes SCUBA dive. We believe SPE Dive School, LLC is the ultimate diving school environment throughout Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia. SPE Dive School, LLC has multiple specialty classrooms, high comfort ergonomic seating, an underwater art gallery, and a SCUBA vacation library. We also offer state of the art diving gear for our diving school students, heated pools, and a low instructor to student ratio.

Our facility and SCUBA equipment are state of the art and our staff is highly knowledgeable.

Mike Parker, the founder of SPE Dive School, LLC has been a Master Instructor since 1972. Mike knows on a very personal level what it takes both to teach SCUBA and manage a to a premier SCUBA facility. Each instructor of the SPE Dive School, LLC has graduated from the school itself so they know how things go around the facility. They’ve been in the same position as you currently are. Each SPE Dive School, LLC diving school instructor is highly trained, caring, and passionate with a strong desire to pass on their love of SCUBA diving to their students. SCUBA diving is serious business, our instructors know how to blend the seriousness of what is being taught with the awe of experiencing underwater activities that for most individuals is truly life changing.

SCUBA stands for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

At SPE Dive School, LLC, we understand that breathing underwater is serious business. Our diving school offers the training that beginning and advanced divers need in order to stay safe underwater. Your safety is of our utmost concern. In fact, safety is so important in the SCUBA industry that you are not able to rent equipment, sign up for dives, or even have air tanks filled without proof of training. The good news is that a certification earned at our diving school will allow you open access into the world of recreational SCUBA diving.

You won’t find a better diving school in Washington, DC, Maryland or Virginia for beginners or advanced divers.

We offer different levels of SCUBA certification at our diving school from beginning recreational diving to professional certifications. If you sign up with us as a beginner, the primary focus of your training will be focused on familiarization with SCUBA equipment and learning how to manage not only the equipment but yourself while you’re underwater.

Our diving school students start as young as 10 years old; we are experienced in teaching SCUBA to all age levels.

We’ve even teach entire families who want to make SCUBA a part of their family. We are passionate about diver training and SCUBA education. Our passion for SCUBA diving and sets us apart from other diving schools in the Washington, DC Metro Area. Get your SCUBA certification at SPE Dive School, LLC, we will make it safe and fun for you.

For more information on our diving school, visit our website at http://scubaedu.com/.