grand cayman scuba lessons


Scuba Diving is a way to explore what the world is like underwater. This is why we chose Grand Cayman for our exploration. With calm, warm, transparent-blue water, we are not just completing the required dives to get our students certified, but we are simply having fun! There are many reasons why we love scuba diving, but here are 5 cool scuba diving facts:

1. You can breathe underwater.

Breathing underwater would make you feel like a super hero with a superpower. You can feel like you are one of the fish swimming around you.


2. Marine life that you would never see on land.

Why should you learn about fish through pictures or movies? Come with us to Grand Cayman to meet the fish you have never seen before.


3. You can travel to more places around the world.

Water is everywhere…About 71 percent of the Earth is water. What does it mean? You can visit at least 45 percent more places than most of your friends.


4. Relaxation…Ahhhhh

There is no noise in the water. Easy way to meditate and relax for people who never sit still.


5. You can learn scuba-language.

Since we are not able to talk underwater, we can only communicate by using our hands. Scuba contains words that are used around the world by divers to get attention from their friends underwater.

Whether you live in DC, Maryland, or Virginia, we are metro accessible. Instead of spending your weekend at home…or on the couch…or watching TV, take a SCUBA course with us, gear up, and come to Grand Cayman to explore the new world of unforgettable experience!


Many of our students love going to Cayman with us to get certified, and we hope you will too! Check out our calendar for the dates and more information about our monthly Grand Cayman trips.

See you soon!